Privacy Policy

When you submit a request for membership of the Canungra Hang Gliding Club we will collect details from you as part of your application. 


Your name will be used to validate your membership with the Canungra Hang Gliding Club, for example to identify you at one of our flying sites or to record your attendance at a club meeting or function.  Your name is also used along with your SAFA number to validate the currency of your membership with SAFA. 

Email address

Your email address will be used to send you emails containing important club communications, such as membership renewal reminders and meeting notices.  Your email is also used as your login to the Canungra Hang Club Website, giving you access to useful and important club resources. 

Contact details

Your address and telephone numbers may be used as an alternate means for the club to contact you. 

Additional details

Additional details may be provided to the club by annual members including date of birth, gender, and occupation.  These details are collected for the purpose of helping the club understand the demographics of the membership, which may assist the club to increase or retain members or to target events for specific needs.  The club may use your occupation to request your services in your field of expertise. 

Flying details

Your flying type and your current licence level may be used by the club to communicate with you about flying matters that are relevant to you.

Use of Email Tracking Pixels

All emails sent by the system contain a tracking pixel. This is used to track whether each email has been opened by the recipient, and when. This information can be viewed by those users of the system with permission to view email delivery reports. We do not display any information regarding the location of the recipient. Note that the tracking pixel is only activated if the recipient chooses to download images into their email client.

Data Processor

We, Canungra Hang Gliding Club, make use of the myClubhouse software supplied by Simmetrics Ltd to process personal data we include on our myClubhouse website in accordance with our privacy policy set out above. Simmetrics Ltd processes your personal data on our behalf and they can only do so in accordance with our written instructions. You can find the details of our data processor’s privacy policy here: http://www.myclubhouse.co.uk/Home/PrivacyPolicy.